Citigold Jewellery Store
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Business Restyling, Design, Construction and Marketing

The shop owners wanted a new visage for the business, which has been dealing in jewellery since 1972.  The new baroque influenced styling of the shop reflects a significant shift from merely dealing in second-hand jewellery to high end, exquisite antique and contemporary jewellery which was captured perfectly by the designers.  The owners have now coined the phrase “We deal in Glam Pawn” as a result of the makeover.

The shop design process began with an empty space, changes were negotiated with Brisbane Heritage and The Brisbane Arcade. The store plan had to work around the crucial positioning of an 8 tonne safe above a suitable support floor beam.

The award winning finished result features detailed plaster mirrors, gleaming polished concrete floors, masterful hand crafted cabinetry, suspended mirrored window displays and an exquisite colour palette developed specifically for the business. Baroque 17th century images float on large illuminated acrylic wall panels creating a cloud-like fantasy with an alluring mastery of interior design. A new Citigold logo, marketing campaign and website completed the hugely successful business makeover.

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